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Who We Are And What We Do...

  • Dedicated to helping all types of rocks that have fallen on hard times- homeless, abandoned, abused, injured, neglected, and in some cases, surrendered… We saw the need for these pet rocks and pet pebbles to have more than just a concrete cell while they wait for their forever homes. That's why we've created the Rock Rescue Pet Rock Sanctuary.


The History of The Pet Rock

 Contrary to popular belief, the Pet Rock is not a new trendy pet from the twentieth century. In fact, pet rocks have been around for millions of years!    

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So you’ve decided to add a new member to your home?  There are a lot of pet rock breeders out there with a wide variety of breeds to choose from. But did you know that shelters and rescue groups have a wide variety of Pet Rocks looking for new homes too?

Why Not Adopt A Rock Rescue Pet Rock? 

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Once We Rescue A Rock...

 When a newly rescued pet rock or wild stray stone comes into our care, our first priority is their physical health and well being...      

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Featured Success Stories...

Meet Minks...


Minks was rescued from a rock breeder who kept her locked in a cage for most of her life. Forced to have litter after litter of countless amounts of pebbles destined for sale in the pet rock trade. 

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This Is Spanky...


Spanky was found roaming alongside a busy highway. Cold, lonely and afraid, dirty and ravaged from the years of abandonment. It took our team 19 ½ hrs. just to get him to come to us and get him in the Rock Rescue truck.    

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The "Real" About Us

Helping To Raise Awareness


 Rock Rescue.org started as a funny and fun way for a father and his three boys to raise awareness and funds to help actual animals both domestic and wild in need of help....And also bring back the Pet Rock! 

We don't just have pet rocks for sale, we have an adoptable pet rock that will not only put a smile on someones face but also help the cause!

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They Need Our Help!

Every single day, animals all over the world are suffering from abuse, neglect, abandonment, loss of habitat and senseless poaching.  

The good news is... You Can Help! 

There's no "For As Little As ?-X-?  Dollars A Month" pitch here... just give as much or as little as you wish. 

Every bit counts and it all goes to help those who can't help themselves. 

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