Spanky's Story...

Spanky was found roaming alongside of a busy highway. Cold, lonely and afraid, dirty and ravaged from the years of abandonment. It took our team 19 ½ hrs. just to get him to come to us and get him in the Rock Rescue truck.    

After a few days of intense cleaning and a couple months of loving human interaction, Spanky is back to his fun loving flamboyant self again. You would never know the troubles this little guy has been through just by looking at him.    

Nowadays, Spanky is living out on a farm with his new adopted family. They aren’t strangers to pet rock adoption and now Spanky has 2 rock buddies to hang around all day while the family’s 3 kids are at school for the day. 

Judging by the update photos the family has sent us… those rocks are like peas in a pod. So glad to see that they are getting along so well and that Spanky is doing great!