The Pet Rock History- A Million Years In The Making


Contrary to popular belief, the Pet Rock is not a new trendy pet from the twentieth century. In fact, pet rocks have been around for millions of years!  Archaeologists have discovered thousands of cave drawings of little cave children playing with their pet rocks and pebbles.  

  Fast forward a few thousand years to 1975 when advertising executive Gary Dahl came up with the idea to mass market the pet rock and introduced the entire world to the joy that these little guys can bring.     

 Millions of these wonderful little creatures were sold in that first year alone and found themselves in loving and caring homes. People from around the world were happily showing off their new friends and many “Rock Groups” emerged as pet rock enthusiasts spread the word about the fantastic pets they had.  

 Over the next few years, many breeders emerged with a myriad of new breeds of rocks and even some hybrid specimens. People just couldn’t get enough of these lovable guys.    

 But like all good things… it had to come to an end. As people’s fascination and admiration for the pet rock faded, there was a bound to be problems. Both economical and ecological!  

 Sadly, the people of the world lost interest in the pet rock and switched their attention to new fads such as the Rubik’s Cube and Cabbage Patch kids in the 80’s to the Tamagotchi, Pogs and Trolls in the 90’s as well iPod and gaming systems in most recent years. 

  Unfortunately, as the pet rock was being pushed aside, breeders were unable to sell their stock. Most resorted to releasing millions upon millions of pet rocks into the wild. While this didn’t really affect the local wildlife… it made for a lot more rocks in a lot more places that didn’t have that many rocks before!   Many pet rock owners who also realised that they simply didn’t have the time or desire to care for their pets also released countless pet rocks (many of which have never even seen the outdoors) out into great wilderness or into back yards and ditches. 

 Fast forward to today… With thousands of pet rocks in need of help, Rock has set out on a mission to find, help, rescue and rehome these wonderfully lovable and adorable little creatures.