The "Real" About Us

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Grab Your Interest...

Rock started as a funny and fun way for a father and his three boys to raise awareness and funds to help actual animals (pets and wild) in need of help. (And bring back the Pet Rock!)

 We know that there are many organisations out there and countless amounts people around the world who are working very hard and doing everything they can to help save the lives of both domestic and wild animals alike and here at Rock Rescue… we wanted to be a part of that effort. 

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The Truth Of The Matter Is...

Although our website is kind of a parody of an actual rescue organisation, we feel that it brings a little twist of humor to a very sad reality... Every single day, animals all over the world are suffering from abuse, neglect, abandonment, loss of habitat and poaching. 

Rock reaches thousands of people that may not otherwise visit a rescue or animal welfare website site. Many of our visitors are thrilled to find out that they too can help save animals around the world and close to home in simple, fun and sometimes hilarious ways.     

 We would like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to visit our site and also those who have helped us help animals in need.

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Our Commitment To Help…

100% of every donation and 10% of every “Pet Rock Adoption” or Product purchase made by you will go to help animals big and small, wild and domestic through various charities like PetSmart Charities, The Humane Society and The World Wildlife Fund.      

 Our Commitment To Transparency…    

Although we are not a registered charity… rest assured that the monies promised for donation that are raised by the sale of products and by the generous donations will make it to the said charities.  We will be very transparent in this aspect and will post the amounts donated right here on our website every month so that every one can see the wonderful efforts and generosity made by our supporters.