The Pros of Adopting


So you’ve decided to add a new member to your home?  There are a lot of pet rock breeders out there with a wide variety of breeds to choose from. But did you know that shelters and rescue groups have a wide variety of Rocks looking for new homes too? Every year we rescue thousands of purebred and pedigree pet rocks as well countless mixed breeds so there is always a huge selection to help you find a pet rock that’s right for you. Here are a few good reasons as to why you may want to think about adopting your future best friend.

Adoption helps curb Rock overpopulation… There are too many Pet Rocks and not enough homes as it is - - so we've decided to help.  Here at Rock Rescue, many of the rocks are strays, while others are from litters that have been surrendered to us by their owners who can no longer take care of them all. In order to help reduce the pet rock overpopulation, we believe in the sterilization of all that come through our sanctuary. Having your pet rock sterilized is the only contraceptive method that is 100% effective and a permanent one at that. In most animal shelters around the world, sterilization is mandatory for all cats and dogs prior to adoption so why not rocks too. This ensures that the animals or rocks returning to the community will not contribute to the animal population problem. That’s why all our Pet Rocks available for adoption have already been sterilized and are ready to go to their forever homes. We can even sterilize stray pebbles as young as 2 days old to help with the population issue.

Adoptions save lives… A lot of shelters are overcrowded as it is. Adoption not only saves the life of the pet rock you adopt, it also frees up precious resources and space that allows the shelters to assist other rocks in desperate need of help.

Adopting gives a second chance… A shelter is full of healthy, kind and intelligent pet rocks that aren’t there because of their bad behavior, but usually because of owner-related issues. There are many reasons for people to leave their rocks or animals and those are often due to a change in the family or living situations. (divorce, moving, new baby) Sometimes it’s because the family was simply not prepared for all the responsibilities involved with caring for a pet. Here at Rock Rescue, we have rock of all ages, breeds, mixtures and sizes for adoption just waiting for you to give them that second chance.

Adopting often costs less… If you add up all the costs associated with purchasing a pet rock from a breeder (shots, sterilization etc…) instead of a rescued one, you will notice that it rises pretty darn quick! Adoption from RockRescue is only a fraction of the cost and you will still have a wonderful new friend loving and devoted friend. Adopting from a shelter is an act of love that saves a life. This is not only a smart choice for you or a good one for the shelter, but a life changing one for the rock that needs you. You’ll feel great knowing that your new companion has second chance at life because of YOU!