Welcome to the basics of specialty pet training. >>> Basic Tricks


This is the first and most practical thing you will want to teach your pet from the specialty pet training guide. It is also one of the first things that they teach in professional pet training classes as it is one of the easiest tricks due to a rock’s natural instinct to do this for indefinite periods of time. To teach your rock to sit, simply place it where you would like it to sit and say “Sit”. 

Most rocks get this trick on the very first try. 


You will surely find this one very handy for your stone to have learned and it will be very helpful in everyday living situations. For this one, start by using what you have learned in the “Sit” command and then add the word “STAY”. You will then start to walk away a few feet. Your rock should remain in the very place as it was directed. You will want to gradually increase the distance from your pet and in no time at all, you’ll be able to be in a completely different town yet still be confident your rock will still be in the same spot that you directed him to be in.     

   Lay Down: 

After your rock has mastered the “Sit” and “STAY”, this one will come naturally to your stone. Once in the seated and stay position… point to the ground and say “Lay Down”. Your rock will lie as close to ground and as flat as can be. Use caution when using “Lay Down” on a sloped surface or hill as pet rocks may end up rolling away. (Do not confuse this action with “Rollover”)     

 Come or Come Here: 

This command will be extremely useful in everyday life with your pet. It can be used to call over your stone for feeding time, cleaning time or bedtime. It can also prove to be very useful if your pet rock finds itself in a dangerous situation like running into the street or if there is another aggressive rock while out for a walk. To teach this trick, start by having your rock hold in the “Sit” and “Stay” command. Move a few feet away and while gently slapping your knees, calmly use the “Come” command. (The calming use of the command is to not add a sense of panic if your pet rock is ever in a dangerous or urgent situation.)

 Now, quickly move towards your rock and scoop it up in your hands. Don’t forget to praise your rock with a gentle pat for promptly obeying. 

 Roll Over: 

This trick is pretty simple to master after your success with “lay down”. Start by using the same sequence of commands that you used in laydown… once your rock is lying on the ground- simply bend over, grab your rock and raise it a couple inches off the ground. Next comes the tricky part… gently toss your rock while saying “Roll-Over” and watch it complete the roll-over command. With a little practice and a varying degree of force… your friends will be amazed as your pet rock does one, two even twenty rolls!!  


This one is pretty simple and your rock will love playing fetch with you for hours on end! Start by showing your rock the toy or item you wish for it to fetch. Now, have your rock sit, then throw the toy or item as far as you wish while using the command “Fetch”. Next, you will need to go over and pick up your pet rock. Now, you will need to throw your rock in the same area as you did the item all while repeating the command "Fetch". Your pet rock should land as close as possible if not ON the desired item... And Voila! Your pet rock has just learned to fetch. 

 Play Dead: 

This trick is another easy one for your pet rock to master. It uses your pet’s natural fear of guns to work every time. To do this trick, you simply need to point your hand in the shape of a gun toward your rock and make a loud “BANG”. You’ll be amazed at how realistically your rock can appear to be dead. To end this trick and “revive” your rock all you need to do is give it a gentle tap and on the head and use the command 

"Snap Out Of It"

 Once you and your pet rock have successfully mastered these basic tricks… it’s time to move on to more advanced tricks!