Welcome to the advanced tricks


 Here are some of the more advanced tricks that you can teach your pet rock. You won't need any special pet training classes for this although the level of difficulty of some of these will require a bit more dedication to the training schedule. With a bit of patience and persistence… you’ll be amazing the crowds with these wacky rock tricks.    

Fetch The Newspaper: 

This is a great one for your rock to know and will help with two things- 1. To fulfill the rock’s need to work and 2. To teach your rock not to fear the paperboy or mailman! Start by showing your rock what a rolled-up newspaper looks like. Next, go outside and place the paper in its usual delivery spot. Now, use the command “Fetch The Paper”. Next, you will need to pick up your rock and toss it towards the newspaper all while repeating the command. With a bit of practice, your rock will land directly on target. The final step to this trick is to now walk over and pick up both the paper and your rock. Return inside and give your rock a gentle pat as praise for completing the trick correctly. 

 The very same technique can be use in any variation of “Fetch _______” that you would like. It will work well with everything from “Fetch my slippers” to “Fetch me a beer”. With a little creativity and patience while training, the possibilities of this trick are endless.  

 Dig a hole: 

To learn this trick you will need A LOT of patience! Although most people would say that a pet rock cannot dig. This is untrue! Start by placing your rock onto some fairly loose dirt. Gain your rock’s attention and while mimicking digging with your two hands, Give your pet the command “Dig”. Your rock will ever so slowly start to dig down into the dirt. This may take anywhere from a couple of months to a few years but fear not… your rock will eventually make it down and should stop itself before reaching the earths core. If at any time you wish to have your rock stop the “Dig” trick, simply use the “Come” or “Come Here” command. 

 Shake Hands: 

This one is a bit complicated to master as in general… rocks don’t have hands. The first step is to get your rock in “Sit” and “Stay” position. Start by extending your hand towards your pet rock. Next, use the command “shake” while gently grabbing hold of your rock and moving it in an up and down motion. Try not to shake too vigorously as this may cause your rock to be sick. (Rock vomit is very hard to clean up) 


Rocks aren’t naturally very good at swimming. They tend to avoid all bodies of water any deeper than one inch. Never the less, it is possible to teach your pet rock how to swim. Not only will this be a fun and refreshing activity during those hot summer days but it’s also a great way for your pet rock to get some low impact exercise. Start by introducing your rock to the water. Although it may be afraid at first, gently lower your rock into the water all the while reassuring it with soothing words and a gentle touch. Once your rock is comfortable with just being in the water, it’s time to start swimming. While holding your pet rock in your hand, start moving it forward in the water. Remember to keeps its head above the water though! Keep practicing this for a few more days and your rock will be just as comfortable swimming as it is on land!     


This one is a fun trick for you and your rock! Unless you’ve already taught your pet rock to swim, you may want to do this trick on a smaller body of water. (Just in case!) Find a standing water source large enough for your rock to skip across. *Always avoid areas with any fast-moving water like rapids or waterfalls. Start by firmly holding your rock in your hand. Then point your rock in the are that you would like it to skip across. Now the fun part… Use the command “Skip” while swiftly hurling your friend across the water. Now your rock may only be able to execute a single skip at first but with some practice, it will be able do four, five or maybe even ten skips! Just remember not to overdo this trick as if you or your rock get too fatigued… you may end up needing to jump in the water to save your sinking stone!


This one is a bit difficult to master but once done perfectly is sure to wow all that watches.      

 Start by placing your pet rock on a nice, even and level surface. Next ask your rock if it wants to dance. Now, using your phone or stereo system, play any upbeat Michael Jackson song. Here comes the tricky part… while gently holding your pet rock- give the command “Moonwalk” and slowly slide your pet backwards. You can always add a “Heee- Hee) to the command to add a dramatic flair to the trick.  

 Ride A Skateboard: 

Make sure that your rock has a decent sense of balance before attempting this one! Begin by placing your rock on a skateboard. Next, give the command “Skate”. Gently push the skateboard and watch as your pet rock skates like a pro! (Like the “roll over” trick- you should avoid performing this one on hills or slopes) With a bit of practice, you can teach your rock all of the popular skater moves like the:   

  •   Ollie
  •   Pop Shuvit
  •   Half-Cab

 Once your pet rock has mastered these basic skateboarding tricks, you can move on to more technical skateboard tricks like these…   

  • Kickflip
  • Manual
  • Switch Ollie

  Once your rock can land every trick on this list, your rock is no longer a beginner, and you’re ready to teach the more advanced skateboarding tricks…     

  • Nollie Flips
  • 180 Flips
  • Nose Grinds
  • Feeble Grinds

 **Always remember that even though your pet’s head is as hard as a rock… you should always use the right protective gear when performing these tricks.   

 Now that your rock can successfully perform all these tricks… You may want to start charging a small fee for people to see your pet rock perform.    



 A pet rock can easily be trained to protect you and your family. Rocks are devoted and loyal pets that will protect their owners at all costs with no fear for their own safety. Once properly trained, you should always bring your pet rock out with you for safety sake.   

 There are three basic attack methods that you can teach your pet rock.  

 First off, there is the “Close Range Attack”. This attack method is normally used as a form of personal protection. If you’re ever in a dangerous situation like a mugging, and you are demanded to “hand it over” simply reach into your pocket or purse as though you were going to comply with the assailant's demands. Pull out your pet rock and yell the command “ATTACK!”. Your rock is always ready to defend you and will do so instinctively. Holding your pet firmly in your hand, proceed to swiftly strike your attacker in the head with all your might. The element of surprise makes this method doubly effective and one strike is usually enough. But if your rock still feels threatened, it may be tempted to continue its “Attack” in order to protect you. To stop your pet, you simply need to use a firm “Stop” command and your rock will rest calmly in your hand. Pet rocks really enjoy this exercise and very rarely do they come away from the attack hurt.

 Let’s move on now to “Long Distance Attacks”. This trick is to be used in those instances when your assailant is at a distance. (like when a pick-pocket grabs your wallet and starts running) Just as in the close-range attack method, remove your pet rock from your pocket and hold it firmly in your hand. Next, take aim and shout the command, “ATTACK!”, while throwing your pet rock with all your might. With a bit of practice on your aim, this method of protection is a sure-fired way to get results guaranteed!    

 Now the third method- The Slingshot Attack. This works in both close and long-distance attacks and adds an energy boost to your pet rock. You will need a slingshot for this trick. Simply load your little buddy into the device and take aim at the perpetrator. Pull back on the slingshot’s elastic band and again, shout the words “Attack!” while releasing your grasp on your rock. Again, practice is important here but this form of defense can be mastered in a couple of days.   

 ***Remember, just like real pets… owners of attack trained pet rocks have a legal and social responsibility to use their trained pets for protection only! ROCK RESCUE SHALL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.     

 This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the pet rock tricks out there and we will be adding more after testing. Feel free to submit some of your own for us to add to the list. (Use the contact form on the homepage)