About Us

Who We Are And What We Do...

RockRescue.org officially became a reality as of January 2017. It began as a dream of being able to offer a different kind of pet rescue, one for pet rocks in need of a loving, caring home. Not every stone can scream out "Please Rescue Me!" That's why we're dedicated to helping all types of rocks that have fallen on hard times- homeless, abandoned, abused, injured, neglected, and in some cases, surrendered… We saw the need for these pet rocks and pet pebbles to have more than just a concrete cell while they wait for their forever homes. That's why we've created the Rock Rescue Pet Rock Sanctuary.

Here at the Rock Rescue Pet Rock Sanctuary, we believe that every Rock—regardless of breed, gender, size or temperament—deserves to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Our mission, then, aims to shelter, provide rehabilitation and a comfortable home for all rocks big and small placed in our facility. We consider every stone that comes to our shelter a member of our own family, loving and caring for them with the utmost respect and tenderness until we can place them in their safe, happy and forever homes.

Our mission here at Rock Rescue is to end the unnecessary suffering and euthanasia (crushing into stone dust) of helpless, unwanted pet rocks, wild stones and pet pebbles and help place them in permanent loving homes, and also to help properly educate the public about responsible pet rock ownership.

The Rescue Situations --   Our dedicated team have rescued pet rocks and wild stones from all sorts of perils and in every condition imaginable all around the world. Far too many pet rocks have been rescued from careless and neglectful owners. Some of which have been locked away in boxes, cages, closets and basements for months and even years with little to no human contact whatsoever. Some have simply been discarded on the side of the road or tossed in a ditch as if a piece of trash by their owners. Alone and abandoned, they are left to try and fend for themselves. In some cases, pet rocks and pet pebbles have been surrendered to us after their owners have realized the kind of care and commitment it takes to have a healthy and happy pet rock. Either they just simply weren’t prepared for it or for others it’s due to growing families/lifestyle changes/lack of time to spend with their rock. Whatever the story is, however sad, we appreciate the owner’s honesty and will gladly help find that stone a loving home.

Our team has even rescued rocks in need of our help from giant quarries. There, the conditions are simply horrendous. The most mature and majestic mountains are fenced in and imprisoned; Beaten and battered by equipment and even explosives, they are forced to produce literally thousands of new pet rocks a day… most of which wait in huge piles… left exposed to the elements for years before ever leaving the site.

Upon Arrival at Rock Rescue -- When a newly rescued pet rock or wild stone comes into our care at the Rock Rescue Sanctuary, our first priority is their physical health and well being. Upon arrival, each and every one receives a thorough cleaning, physical examination and are evaluated for temperament and behavioral issues. Unless recent medical information is available for review, each rock, stone and pebble receive a full checkup, vaccinations, de-worming, flea and tick prevention and is spayed or neutered. We also ensure any additional medical care that may be required or issue that may affect the adoptability of any pet rock is addressed prior to adoption.     

While With Us -- Here at Rock Rescue, we understand that it can be a very difficult and stressful time for a new arrival and that each individual deal with the transition in their own time. With that in mind we try to make the first moments and ongoing time with us at the sanctuary as pleasant and stimulating as possible. All of our rocks receive daily hikes in our fields and on our wooded trails rain or shine. After temperament and behavioral issues are assessed, most enjoy play time in groups with other rocks, stones and pebbles. However, some may not be socialised enough or are simply too skittish or sick in the beginning for group time. Special and extra attention is given to those individuals till they are ready to join the others in our group.  Whatever the case… the Rock Rescue team is always working hard ‘round the clock to ensure that each and every rock, stone and pebble here in our care receives premium food, plenty of human company, mentally and physically stimulating games and activities, expert medical care, and above all…a whole lot of love.